Not many pictures, but therefore 2 videos 🙂

but a nice hotel – really nice beach view from my room (and anytime else there was sunshine – but then it is difficult to get a good picture against the sun 🙂

other than that it was a nice little town. Loads of surfers. Met interesting and VERY DIFFERENT people (upfront: all REALLY nice).

– a surfer from Miami (beginning 40s) – as you imagine them from the movies (surfing is his life) (now a surf instructor in Nicaragua

– a couple from Denmark (if I remember correctly) that did a tour a year ago and couldn’t find back to life in Europe and are now traveling getting around with some jobs (working at bars, playing music – the guy really was a good musician!) and want to settle down in colombia (NO. this won’t happen to me 🙂 )

– A lady from the states who was visiting her sister (a teacher in the bronx/ new york) – who has enough with the violence (apparently it is really as bad as they show in the movies – like teachers being beaten by the parents of the children when they exit the school…). She (her sister) now wants to run a hotel in bocas… (and the lady is not a big fan of it 🙂 )

– Julia from Argentina which was now working in Bocas as well (I was surprised that I was able to communicate for several hours in spanish!)

– Peter from the Netherlands who is in between jobs and instead of worrying all day long just travels (met many of such guys, not many German’s with this attitude though 🙂 )

… and more….


Went diving (4 tanks) – see video (of course not as good as Galapagos 🙂 )

and one day-tour with snorkling – visiting a beach and: “Coral surfing”

THAT WAS FUN!!! (and they had a gopro mount… well they want of course to sell the video – but they were fine with mounting my gopro as well 🙂 )



Diving: Diving

Coral Surfing: Coral Surfing