Well, the first impression of the HR Hotel was really great. Good Music everywhere, really new, everything fine. The room was amazing, the view on the 33rd floor as well. It really felt like a HardRock Cafe with beds 🙂

To the end however I changed my mind a little bit, as there were these few issues:
– The other guests: families with kids, none of which EVER seen a live hard rock concert!!! Not what I expected (seemed like a familiy hotel – more kids than anything else)
– From time to time the were playing REALLY shitty music – nothing to do with hardrock (not even rock! that stuff they call “music” you hear in these clubs I’m not going to!)
– the hotel wasn’t really ready yet. the floor with the steak restaurant (and the steak restaurant) was not existent 🙁
– the Legendary Burger was really bad. I’ve had it plenty of times in other hard rock cafe’s  and I know how a “Hard Rock Legendary Burger” has to be. That was not a burger at all 🙁
– The sauna was “nearly” ready – just one small detail: NO OVEN!!! (they couldn’t tell me upfront – I was already prepared to go into the sauna and then there was no oven…. again, the hotel doesn’t seem to be fully ready for guests)
– The 62nd floor is apparently a “club” – so even as a guest you have to pay 20USD entry fee to get to see the view (and have a beer). But the really bad thing was they were playing that “clubbing” sound again there!!! (so I didn’t go).

If I’m going to a HardRock Cafe/Hotel I want to hear HardRock (maybe Rock) – and this all the time. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case… I was about to book another HR Hotel – but I changed my mind…
If the music would have been alright all the time, I could ignore the other issues – but that wasn’t the case… But even though I wouldn’t recommend it – it was a really good experience – otherwise I would ask myself for years how it would be to stay at a Hardrock hotel…