Well, I only went to Guayaquil to catch the flight to Munich. It was nice for a day relaxing and 3 hours to see the city. The hotel was really nice – and spending my last days in south america at 30° on the roof-top – on the 20th of December, was really nice. The city can be seen in like 3 hours. I went up a hill (400 something steps, so nothing) – and did get a nice view of the city.
The main attractaion were the iguanas. This was really nice. A park in the city center, where there are dozens of iguanas “running” around (well, not sooooo much running). That was a different expereince than in Galapagos, as they are running accross your feet! (you acutally need to watch your step!).

But I wouldn’t recommend to stay there for more than 1.5 days 🙂