7 days at sea! What an experience. Really nice boat with good food.

Download the video to get an impression of that week. I REALLY enjoyed it 🙂

(if you can’t watch, or the quality isn’t good please use VLC player to view the video http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html)

– from 6310m to -18m (or so – only the check-dive) within 30 hours 🙂
– I hat fish/seafood every day and liked it! From now on I’m going to eat fish/seafood as well !!!
– Really nice group
– what a relaxing week
– hammerhead sharks, whale shark, mola mola…. we saw a lot…
– I didn’t get sea-sick at all! Yipii! (but I still prefer a bed that DOESN’T move all night…)
– the food on board was really amazing…
– an absolute fantastic crew!
– definitely one of the top highlights of my trip

The Yacht: