First: There was oxygen in my hotel – how cool is that? loool
Ok, so we (Elena, Sam and I) hired a taxi and visited sacred valley today (if I can avoid agencies, I prefer to do so). All in all quite nice – but loooots of stones (reminded me of Rome – and I know someone who would have loved this 🙂 ).

Highlight of the day: Drinking chicha – in a REALLY local “bar”. Just locals in there – and they all got hammered! Was a bit difficult in terms of my spanish level – but I enjoyed this soooo much. (with no agency in all Cusco we would have ended there!)

If anyone is interested:


Look for houses with red plastic bags hanging outside on posts. These houses are where locals go to drink chicha, a local brew made out of corn. It is a great way to experience the local flavor, provided that you speak enough Spanish to communicate with the other chicha drinkers. It is advisable that you look for a place that serves things other than chicha, as some people find the taste unpleasant. However this is an acquired taste and can be overcome easily. Careful with the chicha, however – it is sometimes made under unhygienic conditions and it could make you quite sick.


get sick??? I achieve this at home as well 🙂
Elena: please, I think you have more pics of that – please send 🙂