Apparently the island where the Inka have been “born”. Met on the island with two Bavarian’s (I really need to write down names!!!) – and Nicole und René from Switzerland at around 11 am (the boat left at 8:30am – WHAT A SLOOOOWWWW BOAT 🙂 ). We did the hike from north to south – looked at some historic details – but for me it was just a nice hike and fantastic views.

@transalpina team: we still need to exchange pictures 🙂 (mine are here! where are yours 🙂 )

THEN I ATE FISH! yes, I want to overcome my “not eating fish” habbit – it was ok(ish) – I think several more occasions are necessary before really “enyoing” fish…

Finally I took the bus to Puno/Peru that same day.