What a glacier!!!!


really huge. And when the ice breaks into the lake it really makes an astonishing sound!

Jan and I booked a tour on the glacier (with crampons) and had a nice day trip. Picked up at the hotel at 7am (ok, that’s not nice), by bus to the viewing platform – across the lake by boat – a little hike to the glacier – and then approx. 4 hours on the glacier with crampons.

Yes, we have glaciers in Austria – but nothing like this… really an experience!!!

Also, it is interesting to see what f…. English c…. think when the go onto a glacier… Trainers and tights… no sense of balance whatsoever! These two girls weren’t even able to get TO the glacier (crossing small creeks – I think they NEVER hiked before!). And they couldn’t jump 30cm across a creek on the glacier. RIDICULOUS!!!!

I think this is also the reason we didn’t do the “round-trip” on the glacier as advertised, but went back the same way (got a discount though – the company is not that bad – but our guides could have just sent these cun.. back to London)

But again… what a great day… enjoy the pics!

(this is the company where we booked – seems to have a monopole in El Calafate: http://www.hieloyaventura.com/2010/eng_big_ice-glaciar-perito-moreno.asp )

And we had a REALLY great accommodation. Especially the Carla was soooooo helpful – never seen anything like this in a hotel (helpful, yes – but she was really nice). And it was the best sauna in a hotel I ever found! Normally hotel sauna’s don’t go beyond 90° – but here we managed to get 104° !!! THAT’s a sauna!!!! I can REALLY recommend that hotel: