Second day in Ushuaia. We thought we go to the national park – but didn’t want to book via an agency (which turned out to be the right choice!).
We just jumped into a taxi and told him to take us to the entrance of the park. He offered us a 3 hour ride through the park (for like 100EUR so?) but we insisted we want to walk. I think he thought we are crazy as he repeated again and again that we have to walk for 20km! (he was wrong – only 18.5 or so).

At the entrance we paid the entrance fee and asked for the walking route again – next time the people asked 5 times if we really want to walk?!?!?! – well, on top of it we had a further plan: There is a train called “tren del fin del mundo” (Train of the end of the world – which was used for prison transport – of course we wanted to take that train back (also the train ends exactly at the golf course 🙂 which was another point). which meant we need to be at the train station (well – you can see at one picture – there is no station – just the rails end 🙂 ) at 15:45 (it was 11:00 am when we were at the entrance).

So we had like 4.5 hours. and the one trail we wanted to do was 8km and should take 3 hours one way – so they said it is not possible. Well, we walked very fast – did the trail in 2 hours (ok, at the end it was more like running than hiking but it was really fun 🙂 ) – and arrived at the train station at 3:30 (and even had 20 minutes lunch in between !)

So, again a successful endeavor. The weather got better every minute and the train ride was really something you have to do if you are in “Tierra del fuego”. Really nice scenery!!!

And then golf… (separate blog entry).