Ana, Jens and I had a really nice day in Buenos Aires.

… by bus to “Feria de Mataderos”… then with the oldest subway to Plaza de Mayo – then San Telmo (The “feria” is giant! soooo many stands and booth – really amazing – just didn’t stop!) – then to Puerto Madero which really “feels” very different then Palermo (and Ana said it doesn’t belong to the City of Buenos Aires – so we have been to the “country side” already 🙂 )

we finished the day with a really nice Burger and a Shisha 🙂 (no pics here…)

Really a great day!!!

Video: (sorry about the sound – just a “quick and dirty” one – my itunes library is in Munich so I had trouble creating nice background music…)


[youtube _rW3NUpV9V0 A beautiful day….]